Foxboro Cardigan Welsh Corgis
Rita and Dwight Van Horn

Rita has been an animal lover all of her life.

She started showing and breeding German Shepherds in the late 1980's

After moving to Idaho in 2000 she started looking for a new breed to take the place of the GS dogs. Her goal was to find a healthy, intelligent and beautiful breed, she decided on the Cardigan Welsh Corgi.

Rita was very fortunate to have met wonderful mentors and very best friends in Susan and Don Lassila. With their help, patience and friendship Rita has advance her knowledge and love of the Cardigan breed.

Dwight loves all dogs. He is not interested in showing dogs, but enjoys socializing the puppies and the companionship of all the dogs.

Foxboro has indoor-outdoor kennels and a large exercise run.

In the near future Higgins will have his own agility course.


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